Johanna D'Amato


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Vancouver B.C.
& California

J&J Rose

Over 20 years of experience

Joe D'Amato
Technology Manager
(778) 929-5944

IMDB Credit List

Johanna's Endoresments

“Jo is a great asset to any show and I'd work with her in a heartbeat!”
Ned Gorman, Producer, Industrial Light + Magic

“Johanna is a pleasant, enthusiastic and extremely bright woman who brought a willingness and lovely spirit of camaraderie to her work at ILM.”
Ellen Pasternack, PR Director, Industrial Light + Magic

“I worked with Johanna on Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Johanna was an excellent production assistant on that show. I would highly recommend her in that capacity at any production facility.”
Jeroen Lapre, Technical Director, Industrial Light + Magic

“Johanna has a great attitude and goes about taking care of her work professionally and diligently. She's very personable and I've enjoyed working alongside her.”
Ken Wesley, Technical Director, The Orphanage

“Johanna worked in Production at ILM while I worked in Editorial/Post production. Johanna was not like the other coordinators in her group. She had a better understanding of Editorial than her counterparts did. Her requests were always made in a timely manner. She was patient, calm and very cooperative. She understood compromise and was able to prioritize her requests to my department which made any show that she was on a pleasure to deal with”
Sureena Mann, Coordinator, Pixar Animation Studios

“What a joy to work with! Fast, efficient, organized and always grace under pressure. It was a pleasure working with Johanna and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone“
Greg Maguire, Creature Supervisor, Industrial Light + Magic

“Johanna was friendly and personable, and delivered everything we needed with prompt efficiency. If we ever had questions, she got back to us right away with the answers. She was also able to juggle the needs of our production as well as those of several others at the same time. It was a pleasure working with Johanna!”
Kevin Field, VFX Coordinator, Sony Imageworks (SPI)

“I worked with Johanna at Industrial Light and Magic during the production of the movie Dreamcatcher. Johanna is a joy to work with. Very hard working, and her attention to detail is exceptional. She’s a fun person to interact with, very friendly, and always willing to help solve problems.”
David Horsley, Sequence Supervisor, FX and R&D Technical Director, Industrial Light + Magic

“Johanna was one of my main contacts when my company worked with Tweak Films. She was always very helpful, attentive, and delivered everything we asked of her in a timely and efficient manner. I enjoyed working with her.”
Melinka Thompson-Godoy, VFX Coordinator, Sony Imageworks (SPI)

“Johanna was always bright and sun-shiney when greeting guests and managing the front reception area. She was very cheerful and eager to provide excellent customer service.”
Dina Folkman, Technical Recruiter, Industrial Light + Magic

“Johanna was the coordinator & production assistant on "Stuck on You" and "Harry Potter 3". She did a great job keeping me in line, prepared, and on schedule for both productions. I really enjoyed working with her.”
Anthony Shafer, Sequence Supervisor, Industrial Light + Magic

“Johanna is a very conscientious individual. She has always gone her day-to-day duties. I would highly recommend her for any position requiring detailed attention and organizational skills. She’s a great pleasure to work with and an all around nice person.”
Dylan Coates, IT, Lucasfilm Ltd.


Joe's Endorsements

“Joe is a great guy to work with. Keeps his eye on the ball and always follows through while keeping a sense of humor that can break the ice in tense situations. I hope I get to work with him again one of these days.”
Tommy Lafferty, Director of Technology at Disney's ImageMovers Digital

“Joe is a very hard and organized worker. He has an uncanny natural ability to recognize structure and how to successfully run operations in what appears to be nebulous chaos. This ability is complimented by his excellent communication skills, written and verbal. His knowledge spans widely from technical to in-depth business processes and operations. I look forward to working with Joe again.”
Jeff King, Manager of Technology, Disney Animation

“As a former employee of Joe's, I continue to have the utmost respect for his managerial style. He has an uncanny ability to make seemingly unsurmountable problems solvable. I am grateful for for his guidance and positive approach. He is an invaluable asset to this company”
Evan Ryan, Production Engineer, The Orphanage

“Joe was a great team player:hard working, helpful, and positive. I support all his future efforts.”
Endla Burrows, Director of Jim Henson Creature Shop, US

“Joe is very customer service focused and is always ready to do whatever it takes to get the job done right! He was an integral part of the Production Engineering team!”
Dina Folkman, Technical Recruiter, Industrial Light + Magic

“Joe was enthusiastic, helpful, and excellent with follow-through. I always knew he would solve the problem he was tackling. It's my pleasure to endorse him.”

Ellen Pasternack, former PR Director, Industrial Light + Magic

“Joe has a tremendous ability to solve problems quickly, efficiently and in a way that makes you glad he's at the company. Likeable, knowledgeable and a great team player - highly recommended.”
Jody Echegaray, Senior VFX Producer, The Orphanage

“Joe was fantastic. Our company was going through some major technical upgrades (and therefore some hiccups) and Joe was instrumental in supporting our client base and internal team in this transition. He communicated clearly and articulately the stages of improvements, upgrades and researched resolutions. I would recommend Joe for any technical support or leadership position.”
Meg Stapleton, Director Program Management, WhosCalling

“Joe was a pleasure to work with; he was always friendly and energetic, and he learned a lot of new skills while on the job. We worked in a pretty demanding group alongside both artists and techies, and Joe's personality was a great fit for an internal "customer" facing role.”
Jai Natarajan, Technical Director, Industrial Light + Magic

“Joe consistently gives a 110% effort. He sets a high bar for customer service as a helpdesk technician and has greatly improved his group's responsiveness to the technical needs of the company. In addition to promptly acting on helpdesk requests, he is also always looking for ways to improve our technical infrastructure and workflow so that future issues will not turn into large problems.”
Brent Villalobos, Software Engineer, The Orphanage

“Joe has come on board the Orphanage and taken it by storm. He's absorbed a new pipeline and wroking methodology within a matter of weeks. He's a highly motitivated and valueable addition to the O's staff.”
Mike Kelleher, Technical Director, The Orphanage

“Joe is one of the most efficient, professional, and knowledgeable desktop technicians I have ever worked with. On top of that, he is one of the coolest people I've had the pleasure of knowing. I have no hesitation recommending him. He would be an invaluable addition to any company!”
Gordon Wittmann, Production Manager, The Orphanage