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We can help both large and small organizations as we’ve had experience with dozens of different production teams.

Smaller studios may not find it cost-efficient to staff project managers or keep prod-tech managers on staff. We will come in to help you find low-hanging fruit, highlight best-practices, and scale big-studio ideas to fit your footprint with minimal hours.

Larger studios sometimes need burst capacity in overhead roles where one or two short projects cannot justify a new seat, but will overwhelm existing staff. We can shepherd a small project with limited hours or build out an entire remote studio to take advantage of regional tax credits.

Render Strategic Assessment:

We would dive into your render resources and initially assess existing features. We will reference industry best-practices and offer feedback on data collection, render forecasting, reports, production communication, and team make up. After the initial assessment, deeper dives may be warranted.

Disk/Storage Strategic Assessment:

We dive into your storage resources and initially assess your growth vs burndown as well as archiving. We offer feedback on best-practices for data management, forecasting, reports, and automated cleanup concepts. After the initial assessment, deeper dives may be warranted.

Production Management Strategic Assessment:

We will examine your communication process, including email/chat, existing meetings, and show & sequence launches. Shotgun, and I.T./Systems Interaction.

Other Services:

* Project Mgmt: Software, pipeline, systems, facility moves/buildouts
* Production Mgmt: Producing, post-prod, VFX, mocap shoots, voice records
* Recruiting: Utilizing our large network of artists
* Systems/IT: Procurement of desktop, network, and cloud services
* Promotional Merchandise: Show crew gifts, clothing, and swag
* Auction / Liquidation: Facility teardown, liquidation, and Ebay auction consulting

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